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Written By: William T. Quick - Mar• 27•16

The Amazon Grocery Store

It’s the biggest online grocery store on the planet. Lots and lots of great deals on stuff you use – and eat every day.

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Should Have Posted This Last Friday

Written By: William T. Quick - Mar• 14•16

I sent the first draft of There Will Be Time off to my agent last Friday.  650 ms. pages, four months from start to finish.  And I have to confess I slacked off a bit here and there.

Lots of work ahead (I hope – assuming she doesn’t tell me the whole thing sux).  But the real heavy lifting is over with.  The rest is details.

Maybe Now I Can Find the Time to Do More Posting Here

Written By: William T. Quick - Mar• 11•16

I hope so.  I think I’ll now have at least a few minutes ever day not devoted to cranking out paying copy.

The First Draft of “There Will Be Time” Is Done and Off to My Agent!

Written By: William T. Quick - Mar• 11•16

620 ms pages, four months start to finish,  I’d hoped to get the book out a bit sooner, but other priorities intervened.  Still, not an outrageous time to take in writing a book that long.

I like the book and have both hopes and good feelings about it,  That still doesn’t stop be from getting a bad case of the stomach wobblies every time a launch a new book into the agent editing selling buying editing marketing process that is MSM publishing these day.  I’ve suffered a bad case of impostor syndrome all of my professional writing life.  You’d think that with as many books as I’ve sold, that wouldn’t be the case, but it is

So my fingers are crossed until I hear back from Caitlin Blasdell, my agent.  In the back of my mind I’ve always afraid that somebody will say “This is horrible dreck,  Whatever gave you the insane notion that it could possibly be sold?

So.  Collywobbles.

Still Slogging Onward

Written By: William T. Quick - Jan• 21•16

The first draft is now about 70% complete.  Lots of plotlines beginning to converge for the big finale.  But this is one of the most delicate points in the writing of any novel.  Endings are easy, because if the book has been properly constructed, they are more or less inevitable – to the author, at least.  Although you don’t want them to appear either obvious or inevitable to the reader until they reach those magic words, “the end.”

And that is where the delicacy comes in.

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