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Red Meat HERESY: Star Wars Part Umpty-Ump

I dunno. The chattering venues are filled with discussion about the release of Star Wars-12, or whichever one it is this time around, and I don’t read past the first sentence of the chat.  I just have no interest whatsoever in Star Wars part anything, now.  It was a visually stunning, revolutionary film when it […]

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Stuff That Makes Me Crazy

Reference my previous post, in which I used the term “whiling away” – correctly, according to the usage dictionaries that cover the language in which I write, that is, English. Now, illiterates given free passage to other people’s eyeballs and brains via the Internet have taken the ludicrous phrase “wile away” to heart, or some […]

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Got an email from Amazon flogging books they called “Epic Science Fiction.” Uh huh. Fully 90% of the titles were Star Wars stuff. Since I know way more than I ever wanted to, from a personal perspective, as to how that sort of sausage gets ground, I decided to give them a pass.

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Writing is Hard

Oh, yes it is.  One year I wrote eleven novels, all of them already under contract to large NYC publishing houses before I even wrote them. People told me, “Wow.  It must be nice, just lazing around doing some writing, and getting buckets of money for it.  What an easy life!” More accurately, somebody once […]

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