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Money Talks While Dead Tree Dies

Another Nail in the Coffin | madgeniusclub But the Amazon story first. On the 16th of this month, the New York Times published an article about Amazon bypassing publishers and signing authors to contracts to publish through Amazon. For some months now, Amazon has been introducing “imprints”. Several well-known authors signed exclusive publishing contracts with […]

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Hanging the Hat of Your Self Esteem on the Fact of Dead Tree Publication

Unringing The Bell | madgeniusclub At cons, I still run into authors who look down on self-published authors. I still run into authors who parrot the line about how much the publisher is investing in them: when it is patently obvious they’re lost in mid-list hell; I still run into authors who say “if you […]

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A Glimpse of What Is Coming Over the Next Horizon For Books (and Writers)

This drew a great deal of discussion over at Daily Pundit, but I thought it would work well here, too. Daily Pundit » Just As The Map Is Not the Territory, The Book Is Not the Story Boston Review — Richard Nash and Matt Runkle: Revaluing the Book Why do we think that a person […]

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