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Should Have Posted This Last Friday

I sent the first draft of There Will Be Time off to my agent last Friday.  650 ms. pages, four months from start to finish.  And I have to confess I slacked off a bit here and there. Lots of work ahead (I hope – assuming she doesn’t tell me the whole thing sux).  But […]

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The First Draft of “There Will Be Time” Is Done and Off to My Agent!

620 ms pages, four months start to finish,  I’d hoped to get the book out a bit sooner, but other priorities intervened.  Still, not an outrageous time to take in writing a book that long. I like the book and have both hopes and good feelings about it,  That still doesn’t stop be from getting […]

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Who We Sell To

The Business Rusch: Marketing And Readers (Discoverability Part Who Knows) « Kristine Kathryn Rusch Traditional publishers don’t really pay attention to a fan base. Publishers sell books to distributors and bookstores, remember, and so target their advertising to those companies. When the chain bookstores took over the business, traditional publishers only had to convince a […]

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Progress Update on Lightning Fall

Looks like I’ll be getting notes back from my agent on the book sometime after the first of the year. Early indications are that I didn’t mess up the ms. with the first round of additions/revisions. Ah, the joys of process! Anybody want to argue about manuscript format?

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Open Eyes, Insert Red Hot Knitting Needles

Nothing spells fun like sitting around waiting for your agent to get back to you.

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