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All Books Now Available In Sony Reader, Nook, iBook, and Kindle Formats

The new store is here. As I just mentioned, I do get a better cut on sales from this store, (which also includes versions readable on your Kindle) than I do at Amazon. Enjoy!

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Here’s The Alternate Cover Possibility for “Bank Robbery”

Let me know which one you like better.

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Dreams of Flesh and Sand Now Available in Sony Reader, Nook Format

I’ve just begun converting files into other formats, and started off with the Kindle .prc format (you can read this on your Kindle reader just as if you bought it at Amazon) as well as a version in the .epub format, which you can read on the Sony Reader, Apple iBooks (on iPod, iPad, and […]

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Will The Books Be Available in Formats Other Than Kindle?

Short answer, yes. Longer answer:  I have to generate different formats for Sony Reader, Nook, and whatever else looks useful.  Once that is done, I need to build my own store to market the books, which will probably be accessible through a link located at this blog. As soon as I have it put together, […]

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Here’s The New Cover for Bank Robbery

I’ve been using GIMP on Ubuntu 11.04 to make my own ebook covers. The learning curve was a little steeper than I liked, but once I got the hang of it, it started to get fun. I may put up a tutorial on how to do it, if anybody is interested. Once you understand it, […]

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