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Sometimes A Great Notion

madgeniusclub | Just another site I’ve recently been roped into a writerly blog chain called the Next Big Thing. It involves writers doing a Q&A about their latest work in progress, then tagging five other writers at the bottom of their post. The Q&A posts from those writers, then appears exactly one week later […]

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Stuff That Makes Me Crazy

Reference my previous post, in which I used the term “whiling away” – correctly, according to the usage dictionaries that cover the language in which I write, that is, English. Now, illiterates given free passage to other people’s eyeballs and brains via the Internet have taken the ludicrous phrase “wile away” to heart, or some […]

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Well, I Suppose I Ought to Do My Annual Post

Just kidding. Some changes. My agent, Caitlin Blasdell, at Liza Dawson Associates, has kept me busy – adding another 400 or so pages to the original 550 plus pages of what is now called Lighting Fall, which will be the first of two books on this subject. I’m awaiting her edits and suggestions, and whiling […]

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