What Do You Think…

Written By: Bill Quick - Aug• 31•11

…about me continuing to put up my old Analog short fiction?

Frankly, it’s a pain in the ass. Either I pay somebody a lot of money per page (by my standards) to scan and copyedit the stories, or I dictate them via Dragon Naturally Speaking and then copyedit the transcriptions myself.

Still, I’d sorta like to get these permanently into the cloud, so…is there any interest out there?

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  1. Chef Mojo says:

    Bill, I gotta say that I like your work. Bank Robbery was a real treat, and simply based on that, I really think all your short stories should be in the cloud as a matter of record, if nothing else.

    I’m not a writer in your sense, so I’ll take your word that putting this out is a pain in the ass, and that is a consideration.

    But if you’re up to a slow, leisurely pace of getting it out there, who knows where you might find cheap slave volunteer labor.


  2. Chef Mojo says:

    BTW, I haven’t been here before. Love the logo photo at the top of the blog. Foodie heaven.

  3. Alfred Centauri says:

    Consider asking for pledges. Put up a list of your short fiction works for a “pledge drive”. Interested parties might want to participate in offsetting the cost of transcription in exchange for an honorable mention.

    Or, maybe some Davids would volunteer to participate in the scanning and copy editing process.

  4. Bill Quick says:

    There’s an upcoming conversation among several pros that will be hitting a bunch of blogs, including this one (via crosslinkage) on this very subject: novel ways of monetizing a writer’s efforts in the Digital Age.

    Keep an eye out here. Should be interesting.

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