Keep Trying Till We Find Something That Works

Written By: Bill Quick - Oct• 28•11

Witchfinder — Free novel — One | According To Hoyt

*As I said, I’m going to start posting a novel here, a chapter a week. This is being posted as I write it, so it’s in pre-earc (for those from Baen) or in close-to (but not quite) -first draft state. Once it’s finished it will undergo editing and then it will be published in some form. I’m going to put this up with its own category so you can find it. And yes, I’m going to put up a donate button eventually — as soon as I figure out how to do it. Yeah, I know, what can I say? — and those who donate $6 or so WILL get this, revised, when it comes out. I’m also going to have a cover for this soonish. Until then, bear with me. Yes, those of you who are in Baen Diner have seen two chapters of this before. The difference is, this time I finish it “in public” which is a bit of a window to you on how things work out. Oh, yeah, this is a fantasy set in the same universe as the Magical British Empire, but not in the same world (at least to begin with.) And it uses a Scarlet Pimpernel archetype, which I ALWAYS wanted to do.*

The blueprints for the future of publishing are being drawn via a process of trial and error right now. Here is another experiment.

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