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Written By: Bill Quick - Nov• 10•11

(Cover, Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work)


I’m coming into the homestretch on finishing the first draft of the initial book in my trilogy, The Rise and Fall of the American Republic, currently titled Death and Destruction.  (The second and third are, respectively, Revolution and Rebirth, and Vengeance and Victory).

Unfortunately, just finishing the first draft means the work only continues.  Copyediting is always a necessary PITA.  Because I’d like to sell these books in a package deal, I need to do detailed outlines of the second and third, as well.  Then they go off to my agent, Caitlin Blasdell, who was also my editor at Harper Collins, and she will work her editorial magic upon them (probably considerably more magic than I may be able to find at any publishing house, given these parlous times).

The book seems as if it’s taken forever, although it’s only been five months – but I was once used to doing five or six books a year.  This is a big one, though, and my industrious habits had gotten a bit rusty, so I probably shouldn’t beat myself up over it too badly.

I do have to say that Richard Presssfield’s Do the Work was a huge help in getting me back on track with good writing habits.  Yeah, you ought to read it – especially given that it is free.  And in this case, you get one hell of a lot more than you’re paying for.

So, I’m hoping to have everything wrapped up and out of the house by Christmas – which will be a wonderful holiday gift for me.

Then, of course, I start work on the next one….

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One Comment

  1. Alfred Centauri says:

    Let me know when I can pre-order!

    On a slightly related topic, you’ve written a couple of times, if I recall correctly, that you don’t love writing so much but you love having written.

    I was catching up on a blog, “Maverick Philosopher”, that I visit one in a while and this caught my eye:

    “I am enjoying teaching quite a bit now that I no longer do it. With some things it is not the doing of it that we like so much as the having done it.”

    I’m still not sure I grok this. I’m guess I’m more of the “it’s the journey, not the destination” persuasion.