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Written By: William T. Quick

I’m the author of twenty-eight published books, including the seminal cyberpunk cult hit DREAMS OF FLESH AND SAND, (the first book of THE DREAM TRIO) the best-selling prehistoric thriller THE LAST MAMMOTH, (writing as Margaret Allan), dozens of shorter works of fiction, and several screenplays for film and television.

I started out typing poetry at the age of thirteen on an Underwood portable that smelled of mothballs, machine oil, and rust. Currently, my writer’s toolkit includes desktop, notebook, and pad computers equipped with voice recognition systems, and a smartphone so I can carry much of my brainpower with me.

Lately, as print publishing continues its chaotic collapse into the digital age, I’ve slowed down a bit, though I do try write at least one book a year. In one of my early novels, I had a character ordering groceries online – long before the WWW existed. Today, I do that very thing myself.

I write a well-known and respected libertarian-conservative blog called The Daily Pundit, where, on New Year’s Day, 2002, I named the Blogosphere. I also maintain an emergency preparedness site called Emergency-Preps.com.

Currently I am at work on a massive project called The Fall of the American Republic, which tells the story of an America in financial, social, and political collapse after a catastrophic terror attack on the states west of the Rockies.  The first book, Lightning Fall, is nearing the end of the writing process, and will then enter the marketing process.  I’m now working on the second book, tentatively titled  After The Fall.

I live in San Francisco, and have for nearly thirty years.  The town is both wonderful and infuriating, and I swing between loving and hating it, and sometimes do both at the same time.  I live with the cutest dog in the world, a black, crew-cut Pomeranian named Xiao Ping, which means “Little Peacefulness,” more or less, in Mandarin.  He isn’t.

xiao ping

I try to read and, if appropriate, respond to all emails I receive. Click here to email me.  I’m always happy to hear from readers and other interested folks.

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