Just Got Some Good News About Lightning Fall: A Novel of Disaster: There Will Be An Audio Book Edition

Written By: William T. Quick - Mar• 26•14

Today I agreed to a tidy little deal with Blackstone Audio to publish the audio version of the novel.

I don’t think I’ve ever had any of my dead tree works done as “talking books” before.


Who We Sell To

Written By: William T. Quick - Mar• 26•14

The Business Rusch: Marketing And Readers (Discoverability Part Who Knows) « Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Traditional publishers don’t really pay attention to a fan base. Publishers sell books to distributors and bookstores, remember, and so target their advertising to those companies. When the chain bookstores took over the business, traditional publishers only had to convince a handful of book buyers to take tens of thousands of copies of certain books, based not on the author’s sales record, but on what was “hot” or a “great cover” or a “new concept.”

I snatched this from a KK Rusch post of a couple months ago. It’s true, of course. I’ve been selling books in the traditional NYC publishing model since 1985, and I’ve learned the hard way about how books are really bought and sold, while personally going from bookstore to bookstore begging them to order my latest title – usually with no success. “That’s all handled by the SF buyer in NY,” I’d be told.

Sigh. Of course, most of those bookstore chains are now dead as the sands on which Ozymandias stands, just as the number of major publishing houses has also drastically shrunk.

Which means traditional publishing is now in the curious position where writers sell books to a couple dozen acquisition editors, and half a dozen publishing houses sell to even fewer bookstore chains.

In other words, what you, the reader, is permitted to buy is determined by a tiny handful of gatekeeping decision makers at publishing houses and chain bookstores. The dayI finally figured that out was the day I decided to try to transfer my efforts toward becoming a successful independent author.

You see, I want to write books for, and sell them to readers, not editors or chain buyers. It’s that simple.

Book Report: Lightning Fall: A Novel of Disaster

Written By: William T. Quick - Mar• 25•14

An update on recent news of my new book, Lightning Fall: A Novel of Disaster:

Over the weekend, the book received major notice in USA Today, The Blaze, and SF author John Scalzi’s much trafficked site, Whatever, as well as dozens of other web sites, blogs, and news outlets.

This pushed the book’s rankings at Amazon into the Top 200 of all books, #13 in Science Fiction, #3 in Hard SF, as well as into various Hot New Release lists.

This morning, I’ve begun to get interview requests from radio shows.  Also, my agent in NYC notified me of a publisher interested in bringing the book out as an Audible Book.  I’ll let you know the details of that as soon as I have further info.

The book is startng to fall back down the sales list this morning, but I still have hopes it will develop legs.  Anybody with a blog or news venue who would like a review copy, please let me know at iceberg@iw3p.com, along with what digital format you would like.

If you are a publisher interested in discussing sale of rights, please contact me at this link:  Lightning Fall: Rights.

Once again, my thanks to all who have helped make this book the success it has become so far.


Written By: William T. Quick - Mar• 16•14

You can get the Kindle ebook version from Amazon right now. A dead tree quality paperback version is in the works, and should be available within a week, if you don’t hold with those new-fangled ebook gadget things.

UPDATE: LIGHTNING FALL is now available as a quality paperback at Create Space. The link is here:

Lightning Fall: A Novel of Disaster – Quality Paperback format

Here’s the link for the Amazon Kindle version:

Lightning Fall: A Novel of Disaster

For those of you who want the .epub format, which can be read on any Apple device as well as the Nook Reader, go to this link:

Lightning Fall: A Novel of Disaster (.epub version)

I tried to get everybody who contributed from this board into the acknowledgements, but at my age, I probably forgot a couple. If so, my abject apologies – and if you think I missed you, let me know. I can fix it in a new edition.

Hope you enjoy the book. Lord knows, it took long enough! And if you do enjoy it, please consider writing a short review at Amazon saying so. Even a single sentence – “Great book, loved it, five stars” – is valuable. Reviews are a big deal in selling a book through Amazon, and I’d greatly appreciate the help.

Is This The Cover For My New Book?

Written By: William T. Quick - Mar• 18•13

I’ve just about decided on this one:

Let me know what you think.

Although my agent liked the initial manuscript, she felt it was a bit to non-PC (she never quite said it that way, but there were more than a few comments along the lines of, “Well, we need to change this, because it will just make editors angry,” and as the revision process continued, I began to realize that the book was turning into something I neither wanted to write, nor, likely, would want to read.

So I pulled out of the process, and will bring it to market myself through Amazon and other outlets. I’m doing the final polish, getting some blurbs from well known folks to help with the PR campaign, and taking care of all the little niggling details that publishers normally handle. Nonetheless, I can do them a lot faster than they can – I created that cover in a couple of hours using Gimp (it’s free!), and it’s no worse than something they’d waste several hundred to a few thousand, plus three or four months on.

Anyway, even if I were to sell it tomorrow to a normal publishing house, it would be years before it actually came out. And I’m getting too old to wait that long. So give me another month to wrap everything up, and you’ll be able to get it off Amazon for $3.99, which is about 12 bucks less than you’d pay for hardcover, and eight or nine less than paper.

The ebook version will come first, and then there will be a POD (print on demand) paper version I’ll probably price in at around 13 bucks (not a regular paperback, but a trade paper, which is about the size of a regular hardcover, minus the hard covers).

The other (I hope) benefit – you’ll be getting the pure me, unfiltered through the refined sensibilities of a bunch of (mostly) Ivy League-Seven Sisters progressive young women – for whatever you think that’s worth. It’s worth something to me, at least. My self respect.

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